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I am “Reptilian” the author of “Dehumanization” Series. 
Since I was a kid, I always like drawing comics and manga. Creating stories and tell them to others is what I enjoy.

Whenever I look into reality, I always see fantasy standing beside them. The world is colorless without fantasy, yet I am lifeless without reality.

It is my dream to find a common ground between fantasy and reality. That’s why I want to become an author, the one who can manifest his/her own fantasy into the material world. Whether through paper and pen, tablet and digital screen, or through words and symbols.

To be able to share what I had perceived in my own fantasy world is what keeps me alive.

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Human minds are complicated. Every day, our feelings affect our actions more than we thought. they can manipulate your perception, influence your action, distort your memories, or give you an ability… in trade of something “precious”.

Fear gives you the ability to question and aware of an incoming danger, in trade of the courage to trust.
Pride gives you the ability to believe in your own power and create positive energy to you, but take away your ability to humbly see yourself as you actually are.
Vanity gives you the ability to achieve respect and see yourself from the eye of others, but at the cost of your own hope to live the way you actually want.

And without balance, these passions will take control.


Dehumanization” is a story about humans that came into contact with a living embodiment of “passions” called Guardian angel.

“Grace”, a hard-working student who was rejected by her father due to her imperfect school grades. She then came into contact with the guardian angel of vanity, known as “Lady Vania”.

With the promise of permanently granting a “superpower” that allows humans to create illusions and forge a new truth over the fact. Vania lets Grace borrow her superpower for one month to prove herself as the one who deserved to wield the power.

If she succeeds, she becomes the master of illusions and live on with that power.
If she fails, she will have to return the power to Vania, along with everything she created by that superpower…
This is the story of dehumanization, the process of depriving a person, degrading them, taking away their quality of a human.

Dehumanization: First tale, Oath of Vanity


In the future, there will also be another original series that doesn’t related to the “passions”, and take part in a completely different plane of dimension. But right now my Patreon will consist of only “Dehumanization” series.

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