This page contains my original manga series “Dehumanization”

Dehumanization” is a story about humans that came into contact with a living embodiment of “passions” called Guardian angel.

“Grace”, a hard-working student who was rejected by her father due to her imperfect school grades. She then came into contact with the guardian angel of vanity, known as “Lady Vania”.

With the promise of permanently granting a “superpower” that allows humans to create illusions and forge a new truth over the fact. Vania lets Grace borrow her superpower for one month to prove herself as the one who deserved to wield the power.

If she succeeds, she becomes the master of illusions and live on with that power.
If she fails, she will have to return the power to Vania, along with everything she created by that superpower…
This is the story of dehumanization, the process of depriving a person, degrading them, taking away their quality of a human.

First tale: Oath of Vanity / เรื่องเล่าที่หนึ่ง: คำสาบานแห่งความหลงตัวเอง

Chapter 0: Featherless Peafowl (Eng / ไทย)

Chapter 1: Graceful child (Eng / ไทย)

Chapter 2:  Oath (Eng / ไทย)

Chapter 3: Recoil (Eng / ไทย)

Chapter 4: Fanning the feathered tail (Eng / ไทย)

Chapter 5: Persona (Eng / ไทย)

Chapter 6: Expensive beauty (Eng / ไทย)

Chapter 7: Trend (Eng / ไทย)

Chapter 8: Role model (Work in progress / กำลังวาด)

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