29 thoughts on “Uekiya’s Backstory (Yandere simulator FAN MANGA)

    1. Beautiful? Thanks to this creative Person, bloodthirsty Hatred in me grew to the Extent that i WANT to stab out this little Bully-Girl’s Eyes with a PENCIL !!! [=.=] but “Uekiya” is indeed a cute and pure-hearted Girl. Now imagine such a cool Backstory for “EVERY SINGLE” Student on Akademi High … … … 😉


    1. Ahoi YandereDev 😉 i just thought it would be hella cool if “every single Student” in your Game would get such a cool Backstory from someone. Your Game is not even finished yet but it already feels kinda alive as a “World” you move your Character in 😉 ( Ayano ) 😉


  1. I would love to read more :/ but this manga is already really amazing! I love it so much and gets a better bond zu her, maybe beacause of his manga it will be gaining more fans of this character. Its worth it look at this manga at least once 🙂 Good Job! ❤


  2. This is SO AMAZING! You have no idea how emotional this made me! When you can take a already existing character and give them a backstory this heartwarming, and successfully convey those emotions onto the reader you truly have done a wonderful job! I personally am also a big fan of Uekiya’s character and seeing this just made my heart melt. Keep up the great work and have a fantastic day! ;3


  3. I’m diagnosed with chronic paranoid drug-resistant schizophrenia. Was Uekiya talking to that flower a hallucination perhaps? Could she have been delusional? It could be that, but maybe not. She’s very kind and strong and open-minded in this comic. It touched me, because she was diagnosed with the same mental illness as me, even if she was misdiagnosed. Still I aspire to be as stong as she is. This is a beautiful piece of work. I enjoyed reading it very much. Thank you for making it!!


    1. Thanks a lot for the comment! I’m really glad that my work can be aspiring and touching to you.

      I wish you a happy and bright future, even with chronic schizophrenia I believe that you can and deserve to live a happy life. Just like this story I created. 🙂

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  4. Considering the other fantastical elements in Yandere Simulator (ranging from a high school science club capable of cloning people and making power armor, to an occult club completely unaware that one of their classmates is capable of summoning debug demons, to Mida Rana still being allowed within 100 feet of a school), I’d be surprised if the flower was just a normal flower.


  5. AHHHHHHHHHHH! I thought something will happen on the end after the flower gets picked, like because of that she develop her yandere self and she was able to beat up those bullies or she plotted revenge on everyone.


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